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Due Wed, 5/25

  • Alt personas share and begin sequence crit

Fri, 5/27

  • Sequence crit continued

Psst! There are some cool events going on through arts & lectures on campus, a possible opportunity for good journal content!

Week to Week

You have two projects left for the quarter:

  1. Alternate persona (Due 5/23)

  2. Sequence (~Crit 5/25–5/27) OR Personal Space (~Crit 6/1–6/3)


Here’s the breakdown of the schedule (subject to change):


Week 9

Mon, 5/23

  • DUE: Come to lecture in your alt persona

  • Final exam (written - based on lecture material)


Wed, 5/25

  • Alt personas share and Begin sequence crit


Fri, 5/27

  • Finish sequence crit


Week 10

Mon, 5/30

  • No lecture (Memorial Day)

  • DUE: Location of your personal space project


Wed, 6/1

  • Sequence Crit, Personal space viewing/crit


Fri, 6/3

  • Personal space viewing/crit continued

Week 7

Reference Links

Syllabus & Course Rules  |  Campus Resources

Resource Room (Last update 4/10/21)

Office Hours

If you'd like to schedule time to discuss your work in this class, please send me an email at dkwan(at)ucsb(dot)edu

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