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Testing, experimenting, sketching, etc is an essential part of the creative process. It allows you to see what's working and what is not with an idea you have. Working out the issues with cheaper materials and saving yourself valuable time!

Below is just one example of how I take a project from start to finish, conserving money, supplies, energy, and time.

Step 1.

Drawing / Sketching

Step 2.

Miniature Paper Model

Step 3.

3D Modeling / Flattening into a Cuttable Pattern.

(After modeling the whole headpiece, titled 'Prisom', for hours...I deleted the file on accident...and had to sculpt it AGAIN. I became pretty comfortable with creating geometric shapes in #shapr3d. After that ordeal, I took it into #pepakura to flatten it out so I could have a pattern to then sew the pieces together! This was a lengthy and complicated process, and I would welcome any suggestions for the future to simplify it!)

Step 4.

Projecting onto the sheet and cutting!

Step 5.


Step 6.


(It was really difficult to find an environment that I had envisioned for this piece. We missed our window of dense fog by a couple of days, so I had to compromise. Here are a couple of the shots we got.)

Step 7.


The Finished Photographs

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