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L'Oiseau Residency

Summer 2024

Embedded in Nintendo's life-simulator game Animal Crossing New Horizons are tools and space to make and display works of players from around the world. During the program, artists will create their work in community with each other. This residency is a collaborative program, linking people from across the globe whose practices are diverse.

Our Current Residents

Coming Soon!

Our Past Residents

Alice Madrigal (She/Her)

Alice Madrigal is a New York City-based artist, and a recent UC Santa Barbara graduate from the Department of Art’s honors program. She creates colorful, patterned, vibrant, and child-like illustrations which are inspired by dreams, fantasies, and nostalgic moments from her childhood. Alice highlights individuality and self-expression, as well as navigates confidence, sensuality, and body positivity, within her illustrations. She has been perpetually crafting her characters since childhood, and as they continue to grow and transform so does she. Alice is an aspiring children’s book illustrator. She has recently shown works at the Glass Box Gallery and the Art, Design, and Architecture Museum, in Santa Barbara.


2023 Project:  

Holly Myer (She/Her)

Holly Myer is an LA-based creative professional in the entertainment industry. With a film/animation degree from NYU, and a lifelong love for TV, movies, and music, her art often focuses on human reactions and playful connections to pop culture. Her work has been featured in art shows in New York City and Southern California, including a gallery at Nickelodeon, and a solo show at The Jim Henson Company, which included an interactive coloring installation. She has contributed to many children’s television shows and family-favorite movies and volunteers with Young Storytellers, a nonprofit providing free arts programming to students in the Los Angeles area.

2023 Project: Taylor Swift Eras Tour Themed Island

Benjamin Salin (He/Him)

Benjamin Salin is a Los Angles based musician, sketch artist, writer, model builder, and cook who strives to use creativity as an extension of himself and as a means of exploring both himself and the world. Though not professionally trained he is always striving to learn and grow creatively.

2023 Project: The Guarded Self

Elizabeth Gottlieb (She/Her)

Elizabeth Gottlieb is a Los Angeles-based 2D animator and illustrator working in television and social media for clients such as ShadowMachine, Buzzfeed, and Hallmark. Through her personal and professional work, she strives to find the comedy in the mundane parts of our lives.

2023 Project: Mello Marsh Botanical Gardens

2022 Project: I Only Want What I Can't Have