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L'Oiseau Residency

Summer 2023




Application Deadline

July 24, 2022


Online / In-Game

About the L'Oiseau Residency

Embedded in Nintendo's life-simulator game Animal Crossing New Horizons are tools and space to make and display works of players from around the world. At the L'Oiseau Residency, we hope to provide artists with the time and mental space to produce new work while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Since you'll be making work to show on the island of L'Oiseau, this residency is a collaborative program, linking people from across the globe whose practices are diverse.

During the program, 10 artists will create their work in community with each other. We welcome collaboration. The program lead will interview artists and publish progress on social media to raise awareness globally and archive this unique project. At the end of the residency, the artists will participate in a group online viewing.


Over the course of the residency, artists will produce work on their island. Artists will be able to collaborate and engage online through Discord.


The program is not a full-time residency. The artists will have the majority of the time to continue their work. There will be conversations, events, roundtables, etc. throughout the residency, which the artists will be expected to attend.


The end product of the residency will require a piece of art or installation that can be shown and viewed on their island. During the program, the team will follow your process and get a glimpse into iterations, sketches, etc.


  • Access to a Nintendo Switch and the game Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • A way to capture/record your progress (ie. posting screen captures to Twitter or a game-capture card.)

  • A discord and Zoom account.

  • Ability to speak some English/or have a way to translate.


  • Artist Bio or Statement

  • Up to 10 work samples or links to your website

  • Project proposal (can be loose). You can see past residency projects here.


No application fee. We welcome donations via Venmo or in-game!


APPLICATION LINK (Deadline: July 24, 2023)

Please email us at if you have questions or need assistance.


Q: How loose can the project proposal be?

A: This is an experimental program; so bullet points, sketches, mood boards, and short ideas are totally acceptable. The goal is to get you to start thinking about your ideas. We encourage you to keep your proposal open to possibilities as we move through the residency together. We're not expecting a concrete action plan.

Q: Do I have to stay the entire duration?

A: No. While we would like you to keep in touch with our discord server throughout the duration, the time commitment you put in is up to you and your goals. The residency will run for the full month, but you can choose the duration you will join us. Let us know in your application what time frame works best for you! 



Software / Tools

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