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Project Ideas

Guided by ecocentrism, I aim to create a 'performance' that considers cohabitation and methods of communication. With these two concepts, I would like to address the body and place as vessels for memory and how they transform memories and emotions into actions.



Close to Home

Installation of traces of life, migration, and futurity. This project is a culmination of the soil where my body has resided, the memories embedded in birds I've witnessed, and interviews of family members I've reconnected with.

Related concepts:

  • performance traces - of moving through place

  • bending/interrupting space

  • non-linear time, creating community, futurity

  • orange tree as family archive

  • the activity of recovery and uncovering


Nest-Building Loom

Re-conceptualizing a loom, a tool that allows us to weave materials, stories, information together into an object–I am to create an installation of a home-building loom. Thinking about the land which the university occupies, native plants, and birds the loom will hold materials for birds to use (or not) to build nests–allowing the piece to be deconstructed over time by birds or weather.

Related concepts:

  • trying not to strive towards a saleable object

  • the failure to approximate norms

  • decolonial aesthetics

  • not claiming ownership

  • performance of waiting

  • the gaze and consent (bird-watching)

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 11.48.55 AM.png


Thank you, Have a Nice Day

Wearing a costume of very long sleeves, with happy faces hand-printed on them–I'd like to move through a typical day. My hope is that I can feel and capture a humorous struggle, a mess, and how I cope with an intangible emotion that has manifested into a material object. 

Related concepts:

  • the failure to approximate norms

  • camp / being 'too much' as a reparative reading

  • disidentification - can I recycle it and belong?

  • overperform, accentuate the flaws, make noticible the wrongness, caught in the act

  • humor tactics

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