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Found Object Installation, 2021

Thinking about what we value in a society, how success is measured, what we work towards, capitalist systems, 80K in student loans, no car, living in parents house... Well–if I can’t live the American dream in this life, let’s put a $100 down on insurance for the afterlife.

when did grandma pass away? when did grandpa pass away? where did they live before coming to the u.s.? when did they come to the u.s.? how old were you? where did they live in the u.s.? where did they live in Chinatown? where did you grow up? where did you go to school? where was the restaurant? did you work there the whole time? what would you do after school? what was your life like? what was your favorite food growing up? your favorite food now? what about your parent's favorite food? what do you miss now, that your parents are gone? what was the Chinese school I went to? where was it? What was it called? how many times did you drive me to aunt Mei’s? why doesn’t she call? what are you supposed to do when someone passes away? I only remember some things with grandma, what are you supposed to do? why did you say you didn't know Chinese? why are you still working? you work too hard. aren't you tired? don't you deserve to rest? will I ever make it? will I be successful? what is success? will I ever be able to buy a car? a house? all these goods, do they really measure success? does any of this really matter? will I get to ask you these questions before you're gone? I don't know. I don't know.


FUNerary Objects

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