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Close to Home

Guided by ecocentrism, this installation consists of traces of life, memories of migration, and considerations of futurity. This project is a living archive addressing place, history, memory, familial connections, cohabitation, and communication.

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Generational Knowledge

Video projection of a family heirloom: 50+-year-old dwarf orange tree juxtaposed with text of redacted and incomplete from interviews with father and my aunt.

  • intergenerational care

  • relational theory

  • traces

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Time and Place

Sculpture in stratified layers of extracted soils from places I've called 'home'.

  • rituals

  • vessels

  • labor

Home building

Birds are not unlike humans. They migrate and build homes after assessing the local conditions. These birds settled in California for one reason or another.

  • migration

  • connections

  • communication

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Relational Aesthetics

A haircut session joyfully facilitated of conversation.

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